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About Cribstown Sewing Centre

I've been sewing for most of my life, I started when I was five watching my big sister doing embroidery, she gave me a little project and I was hooked; I was making my own clothes by the time I was twelve and completing the many household projects my Mother was always able to find. After taking my 'A' Level in sewing I specialised in Bridal and Evening Wear and I've been sewing since.

I decided nine years ago to share my skills and set up a sewing school for all those people who say "I want to learn to sew but I don't know where to start" and for those who can sew and just need another reason to make and create something new.

  • One to One Sessions - 2 X Hours @ £50
  • Weekly Sessions are £12.50 each and last for 3 hours

Telephone : 07934621106

Opening Times

Monday- Thursday 10.00am - 9.30pm

Saturday 10am -5pm

Sunday 1pm - 3pm

Closed Friday


182 Belsize Road,


BT27 4DT

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